Travel EYE November - December 2008

31.10.2008 | 13:00

Dear Readers,
Leaves have fallen from trees and autumn has defi nitely taken its role. Temperature in the morning is around zero, and each of us is slowly getting used to it. Better to take a winter jacket on. It won‘t be warmer this year any more. But we can make a nice cup of warm tea at home, and remember the days of our summer holiday.


Dear readers - November - December 2008 For me, November is something like a preparation for Christmas. I am trying to buy as many Christmas gifts as possible, because I hate queueing just before Christmas day. And I think you will agree with me, better in time than never. This year the fi rst advent Sunday is on November 30. Don‘t forget to make or buy an advent wreath, and each Sunday before Christmas light one candle.

In the winter double copy you will fi nd a lot of tips for autumn walks, winter holidays, or informations about Christmas traditional events. It‘s up to you to choose what you prefer. I hope the snow will arrive on time and this Christmas will be white as it should be. But remember – there will be a lot of skiing fans in the mountains, so prepare for long queueing there!

And of course, have a nice and peaceful Christmas. I hope tkat little Jesus, Santa Klaus or Father Frost will bring you everything what is among your greatest wishes. And take care for your pets during New Year‘s fi reworks. And also good health, and seeing you soon next year!

Martina Štěpánková
Vice Editor-in-Chief

Travel EYE November - December 2008
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