Travel EYE April 2009

02.04.2009 | 23:59

Dear readers,
A popular Czech saying advises us to stay near the stove in April. In today’s terminology this could mean staying at home in the warm, preferably in bed because outside the weather is still foul. Luckily, this proverb was outlived in real life a long time ago, the fi rst day of spring has already passed, tulips have almost fi nished blooming and the thermometer shamelessly dares to climb above 15 °C.



Dear Readers April 2009

Speculating whether this is down to global warming is pointless and it is our duty to actively make use of this time, because you never know when in these latitudes we may be surprised by a new Ice Age.
April is traditionally the month, when in our country the tourist season begins in earnest in various shapes and forms. Castles and chateaux are opened, rivers are “unlocked”, cycle ways come to life, festivities and historic markets are staged in many towns. This year Easter has fallen in April, so you have a unique opportunity to see the Czech version of this most important Christian feast and the folklore connected with it.

Petr Šrain, Editor

Travel EYE April 2009
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Dear Readers April 2009   Dear Readers April 2009   Dear Readers April 2009    Dear Readers April 2009    Dear Readers April 2009


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