Travel EYE January - February 2010

01.01.2010 | 01:01

Dear readers,
I am glad to be able greet you in 2010, which will undoubtedly bring most of you new targets and resolutions for the upcoming months. I think the beginning of the year is often a forerunner of changes as well as something new and this year will see some alterations in the future issues of the magazine.

Dear readers - January–February 2010 I am looking forward to bringing you the new face of Travel EYE, which in March should open its gates to cross-border areas and target a wider group of people, who would like to see the beauties of the Czech Republic and vice-versa.
In this issue we have prepared for you numerous interesting ideas for a winter holiday, which can be spent in several appealing ways. It pointless to list them here – just see for yourselves. I wish you lots of success in 2010, stay happy and healthy.
Kristina Leštinová, Editor

Travel EYE January - February 2010
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Tourist magazine Travel EYE January - February 2010

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