Travel EYE October - November 2011

04.10.2011 | 00:00

Dear readers, the autumn is slowly colouring nature in warm shades. Collecting chestnuts, wading in the fallen leaves, taking advantage of the last rays of sunlight and the beauty of the Czech Republic – it’s an attractive experience. Step further into the countryside that is slowly getting ready for its winter sleep, into cities where you can feel the autumn atmosphere.

To put you in the right mood, perhaps it’s time to take a walk in the Šumava National Park, where the red, yellow and brown colours are slowly starting to appear. To warm your stiff fingers, we can offer you a visit to our spa or a tour of museum of the delicious drink that makes the Czech Republic the Czech Republic - beer. A visit to Prague won’t hurt either - we have tips for you on places you can visit which you will surely long remember.

Come and experience the beauty of Czech autumn.

Jolana Uhlířová

Travel EYE October - November 2011
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