A wonderful winter at a unique spa

25.01.2011 | 15:32
A wonderful winter at a unique spa

The Krušné hory (Ore Mountains), the highest peak of which is Klínovec and whose greatest treasure is the Jáchymov Spa, offers the very best for an winter family holiday. Whether you love wandering through the countryside, going for cycling trips, or discovering the local history and culture, this is the perfect place. And if you fall in love with the Krušné hory, nothing could be easier than to come for a real mountain skiing holiday!

In the middle of an oasis nestling amidst a sea of forests, with peace and quiet and bracing fresh air, lies the world’s very first radon spa – Jáchymov Spa. You can come on your own, with your partner, or with the whole family – we have more than enough rooms and events prepared. For those who love water there is a modern aqua-centre with a whirlpool bath, a waterslide, a sauna, and a children’s pool. And as radon is the best thing for the locomotive system, we offer a full range of procedures to ease your legs and back. And from here it’s not far at all to the ski slopes of the highest peak in the Krušné hory. To soothe your soul there are weekday and weekend programs packed with massages, baths, or some outstanding cultural events. In short, there’s something to please everyone and we guarantee that you’ll feel and move better afterwards!

See you at Jáchymov Spa!


Léčebné lázně Jáchymov a. s.
The first radon Spa in the world - unique radon water for your treatment
T .G. Masaryka 415, 362 51 Jáchymov
Tel.: +420 353 833 333, fax: +420 353 834 567
E-mail: info@laznejachymov.cz

A wonderful winter at a unique spa

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