Strakonice – Full of Pipers

01.04.2010 | 00:00
Strakonice – Full of Pipers

Strakonice – Full of PipersOn Friday 23 and Saturday 24 April, this South Bohemian town will open its tourist season with the Strakonice Welcoming of Summer. Visitors will also fi nd open doors at the Strakonice Castle above the River Otava, which was founded in the 13th century by the Bavor Family.


This time the town will concentrate on lovers of in-line skating and on Saturday on cyclists, who can set off along cycleways to the south-western part of the town. Strakonice will also welcome fans of Nordic walking who will follow the trail of the famous fi ctional character Švanda the Piper. The whole afternoon the courtyard of the castle will be devoted to children, fairy-tales, melodic songs and competitions.
You will be able to visit expositions of the Museum of the Central Otava Basin with the largest collection of musical instruments – bagpipes, which are typical for this area. You can relish their sound during this year’s 19th International Bagpipe Festival in August. Visitors can compare the contemporary look of Strakonice Castle with its model from the early 20th century, which has been installed in the museum since last year.
The youngest travellers will be able to feed friendly miniature goats, sheep and ponies in a Castle Safari Park behind the west gate. A nice walk can be taken on the suspended footbridge above the Otava. Podskalí Nature Trail starting on the right bank not far from the footbridge will provide interesting information about the river.

Other Events to Note in Your Diary:
Apr. 23–24: April Skating through the Town and the Strakonice Welcoming of Summer
May 28–29: Jamboree – Bluegrass Festival
Jun. 5–6: National Majorette Championship of the CR
Jun. 9–10: Strakonice Little Piper – festival of children’s bagpipe bands and ensembles
Jun. 11–13: “Strakonická 100” and “Following the Trail of Švanda the Piper” a long-distance stage march
Jun. 19: Dance Show – National Dance Competition
Jun. 26: Brewers’ Fair – an afternoon full of entertainment

 Strakonice – Full of Pipers Strakonice – Full of Pipers 

Strakonice – Full of Pipers Strakonice – Full of Pipers Strakonice – Full of Pipers

Strakonice Information Centre
Velké náměstí 2, 386 21 Strakonice
tel.: +420 383 700 700-1

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