Tišnovsko – Region of Heavenly Views

01.06.2009 | 14:40
Tišnovsko – Region of Heavenly Views

Tišnovsko – Region of Heavenly ViewsThe local scenery around today's Předklášteří so enchanted Czech Queen Constance, the widow of Czech King Premysl Otakar I, in the early 13th century that she founded a convent there called Porta Coeli - Heaven's Gate.

Tišnovsko is a region of panoramic views and observation towers. The undulating nature of the landscape, rocky buttresses as well as far reaching hills will make you stop and admire the beauty both near and far. The wooden viewing towers of Babylon, Křivoš and the bricked Klucanina looking down on the entirety of Tišnovsko, along with the telecommunication and observation towers of Kozárov and Čebínka are pleasing to both the eye and soul, with a view from god-like heights. Deep valleys with mighty rocks towering along sparkling streams give way to old fruit orchards and deep forests on the hillsides. Long-necked Hag, Trenckova Glen, Falcon's Rock and Eagle's Nest are just some of the names given to these wild creations of Mother Nature. Other observation and resting points worth mentioning are for example Křižovice and Maria Laube, a romantic gazebo near Pernštejn Castle (www.marencino-loubi.wz.cz/o-vyhlidce. php), not forgetting Veselý Chlum, an ancient romantic spot, where old stone walls still divide pastures and fruit orchards.


Tišnovsko – Region of Heavenly Views Tišnovsko – Region of Heavenly Views  Tišnovsko – Region of Heavenly Views Tišnovsko – Region of Heavenly Views

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