Benecko – Oasis of Peace

01.03.2010 | 00:00
Benecko – Oasis of Peace

Are you, like me, reluctant to visit overcrowded and overpriced ski resorts, which can hardly be described as the ideal holiday destination?

This year I told myself: “Enough is enough; I am going to explore the unknown.” I took the map of the Krkonoše Mountains and stuck a pin in it. It pointed north of Jilemnice to the word BENECKO, my new holiday destination. This recreational resort is situated on the slope of Žalý Peak in western Krkonoše, off ering pistes and cross-country skiing tracks, of both tourist and racing categories.
This looked interesting, so we found a promising bed & breakfast and set off . On the fi rst day of our holiday we made our way up a steep and winding road to Benecko, from where we could admire the magnifi cent view. In front of the bed & breakfast we received an original welcome from a doe which is the local pet and mascot.
And now quickly to the piste. The reality was even better than the expectation. Almost no queues, perfectly maintained snow and sunny weather. A new experience came in the form of snowtubbing. The second day we went up the nearby Žalý Hill, which is a suitable tourist destination for all age categories. Its peak is crowned with the only stone observation tower in Krkonoše, built in honour of Emperor Franz Joseph in 1892. And what about the evening programme? If you don’t fancy night skiing, you can pop into a cocktail bar or a bowling centre.
The week went by in the blink of an eye. I was relaxed and in the best of spirits. So I can heartily recommend this place to you by saying, “If you are not sure where to go, set off for Benecko.”
Jakub Šeps

Benecko – Oasis of Peace Benecko – Oasis of Peace Benecko – Oasis of Peace Benecko – Oasis of Peace

Benecko – Oasis of Peace Benecko – Oasis of Peace Benecko – Oasis of Peace

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