Travel EYE September 2009

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Dear readers,
It seems to me that this summer was rainier than we had hoped for. Each of us undoubtedly expected the sun to appear from behind the clouds, but unfortunately the reality was much diff erent. I was at least looking forward to an abundance of mushrooms as it rained so much – but I only found three sorry specimens and was wet to the bone. So how did you enjoy the summer?

Dear Readers - September 2009

I believe the Indian Summer will be jollier and bring us sun and nicely coloured leaves, allowing us to set out on trips and warm up before the autumn really arrives. I think there are a lot of places to go in September. Go to relax at the zoo, jump on a bike or set out for a trip to our mountains, which are at their most beautiful in September, and trust me - it will improve your spirits and if not, do not despair – the wine harvest will defi nitely bring a smile to your face.
Kristina Leštinová, Editor

Travel EYE September 2009
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