Travel EYE October - December 2010

27.12.2010 | 21:20

Travel EYE October - December, 2010Dear readers, you don’t need any convincing to know how beautiful autumn is in Bohemia. The fragrance of falling leaves, the delicate pictures etched out by the hoar frost and the foretaste of the coming winter give the landscape a sublime and festive air. You start to sense the approach of Christmas and towns are already preparing for Advent.

Don’t say that you’ve already had your holidays. Doctors say that we need to take time off more than once or twice a year. If the energy you stored up in summer is already slowly waning, come and enjoy some pampering in a wellness centre, watch them haul in the fish from the pond, have a wander around our beautiful towns, or go for a skiing trip in Šumava. Warm yourself up with a glass of mulled wine or grog, and don’t forget to sample some of our excellent Czech cuisine. Have a great time here! Jolana Uhlířová, editor

Travel EYE October - December 2010
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