Tábor – a Playful Town with a Proud Face

02.11.2014 | 00:00

The town of Tábor, which is closely connected to the Hussite revolution movement, shows its proud face in the south of Bohemia. In the place where weapons once clashed you can now hear the clinking glasses of local wine bars and cafés.

Jan Žižka guards the gothic hall as well as the Lego blocks and bars of chocolate with his stone stare. Under the cape with the goblet accompanied by sounds of music and street theatre the genius loci of the city comes to life.

If you want to feel the special atmosphere of mystery within the gentle embrace of the medieval town walls, come to Tábor and contribute to its creation. Our visitors are courageous and brave enough to explore underground corridors (1) as well as the spooky underground.

They are inquisitive and search for historical links in the Hussite Museum and at the Treasure of Tábor. They are fond of architecture and are interested in the variety of architectonic styles including the Gothic town hall, Renaissance gables of burgher houses and the Baroque cathedral in Klokoty.

They can enjoy life in the Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan as well as in countless pubs and restaurants. Our visitors like a bird’s eye view and don’t hesitate to climb the church tower (2) or the ruins of Kotnov Castle.

They are playful in the Museum of Lego (3) as well as while exploring the town with GPS as part of the Kačeři in Tábor geocaching project.

They do not hesitate to return to the Middle Ages, not only in September during the Tábor Meetings festival, but also in the Housa Mill - Hussite open-air museum on summer weekends. They are also interested in nature and learn about it in the botanic garden, in the zoo (4) or in the exposition of geology.

They relax actively, taking advantage of the rugged landscape interwoven with a number of hiking and cycling trails. They also visit a great cycling and inline skating track in Komora (5), the swimming pool and the winter stadium. Our visitors can enjoy every moment, they are just great. Just like Tábor.

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