Felix Kolmer

24.06.2018 | 17:05
Felix Kolmer

To Live is Forbbiden The book of the same title by Jan Rakytka describes the life story of Felix Kolmer from his childhood to the end of the WWII.

It is based on his personal memories, so the events, places, people and names are authentic. It freely continues audiovisual project of Steven Spielberg “Survivors of Shoah”, where the story was digitally archived.
Felda, as he is called by his friends still today, was born in Prague, in the street Italská. Only several days after his school graduation, the occupation came and it meant the end of his studies as well. He joined as a fresh senior in apprenticeship a carpenter. He was deported to Terezín as one of the fi rst victims – his serial number was 180. He had lived here until the year 1944 when he was transported to Auschwitz. From
here he managed to escape to one of the neighbouring camps, which hadn’t been connected to the main Auschwitz camp. Here he survived. Prof. Kolmer has – due to his long work of a specialist and organizer – merit in development of the acoustics in this country. In 1949 he started working in The Experimental Institute of Sound, Visual and Reproductive Technics in Prague, where he had been working until he retired. He had been a director for many years there. The results generated by the institute were used in international technical standardization. He has written – or has been a co-author – of about 200 publications, 24 of which had been published abroad. He was also a lecturer and assistant at the Technical University in Prague, is a member of the commitee of The Czech Acoustic Society, and an honorary member of several acoustic societies abroad, in Poland, USA and Argentina. He has received numerous state honours in Czechoslovakia and in the Czech Republic for the development of physics and acoustics. He has also recieved important awards in Argentina, Belgium and Germany.
“We are those, I don’t know, if happy, or unhappy ones. For sure we have been lucky to live many years and had a nice life after that. We are simply those, who happened to survived, but not because we managed it, but because we were lucky.”
Prof. Felix Kolmer is a Chairman of the Board of Foundation for Holocaust Victims and Vice President of the Internationational Auschwitz Committee.

Luděk Sládek for the Terezín Memorial


Little Felda (6 years) with his parents in spa Marienbad Felix (19 years), fresh graduate,
several days before transport to Terezin Felix’s uncle with Japanese refugees in Vladivostok With his wife – the fi fties Felix Kolmer gets married several days after
his return from Osvětim Felix’s father already now as an Italian interbrigadier Felix accepted by the Spanish king Juan Carlos I – March 1976
(second fom the left Felix receives one of many prices Felix accepted by the Spanish king Juan Carlos I – March 1976 Transport list from Prague to Terezín, 1941 Transport list from Prague to Terezín, 1941 Obrázek č.11

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