Beautiful Chateau Lednice

24.06.2018 | 17:05
Beautiful Chateau Lednice

Chateau Lednice is one of the most valuable pearls of the historical and cultural wealth of the Czech Republic. If you want to feel like in a fairy tale, visit this South Moravian unique.

The fi rst preserved record about Lednice is from the year 1222. At that time it was just a water stronghold with a farmyard which a Moravian aristocrat, Sigfried Sirotek, obtained from King Wenceslas I. The Liechtenstein family, who came from Styria, bought a part of the manor and the castle of Mikulov (Nicholas Castle) and from 1371 to 1945 they were the owners of Lednice and the nearby Chateau of Valtice. Lednice with its beautiful gardens and surrounding park served as the summer residence for the ruling princes who were continually improving the property.
For instance, the famous Austrian architect Bernard Fischer von Erlach rebuilt the Renaissance Chateau from the 16th century and added a monumental riding hall and stables in the Baroque style, which is connected to the Chateau on the west side. Karl Eusebius of Liechtenstein, an artist, builder, gardener, and breeder of horses known throughout the whole of Europe, was largely responsible for the rapid growth of Lednice and its surroundings.
The next rebuilding phase was in the mid-18th century when the western wing was designated for the building of a church to replace the former monastery, situated most probably near the eastern side of the present greenhouse. At the beginning of the 19th century the Viennese architect Josef Kornhousel fi nished the so-called garden area of the Chateau, according to the wishes of Prince Johann I, and changed the whole facade of the building to the “Empire” style.
During the years 1846–56 the Chateau was rebuilt in the style that we see today. The architect George Wingelmuller renovated the Chateau in English Gothic Revival as requested by the then-ruling Prince Alois II. After Wingelmuller’s death, his assistant Johann Heidrich fi nished the project.

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