Travel EYE March 2008

11.03.2008 | 00:31

Dear readers,
Spring is approaching slowly but surely. Before we would expect it, the first spring day will be here. Days will get longer and nights shorter, everything will grow green, birds will start to sing; the first flowers will stick their heads out and the sun will spread warm beams and give us the right tan after the long winter period. Of course, when spring comes we throw off winter anoraks and coats and in that moment we realize that we have put on a kilo or two, so the spring jacket doesn´t fit as it should. That’s why our first steps lead to the fitness centre or the gym where we desperately try to reduce the extra weight as quickly as possible. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not. My advice is: allow yourself one-week purification treatment, combined with light motion. Omit everything fat, salty and sweet from your menu. Rather consume vegetable or fruit salads and fresh water instead of beer. Do some exercises during the day or go for a longer walk. You will see that your weight will go down.

The spring’s arrival also signals that the beginning of the tourist season, which many of us are impatiently waiting for, is getting near. We hide our winter clothes, alpine and cross-country skis, sledges, bobsleighs and other winter equipment. Conversely we pull out bikes, hiking boots and back-packs. However, before you set off for a ride you should check, adjust and oil your bike, which has been gathering dust during the whole winter. There is a Czech saying that goes “who greases, he goes”. Well, there is something about it. Don´t forget to dress warmly because the weather in March is rather deceitful, and occasionally you can’t even rule out the possibility of frost.
In that connection, I shouldn´t remind you that this year´s spring holiday, Easter, falls on March. Everywhere in the world Easter is celebrated differently. As the saying goes - “So many countries, so many customs”. In England, for example, children go from house to house carolling for eggs, while in Australia children look for eggs that the Easter rabbit has hidden in the garden. And in our country boys carol and whip girls with an Easter stick made of wicker, to wish them health for the whole year. For their Easter carolling they receive an egg. So to get to the conclusion: Try to survive the rest of the winter with your health intact, put yourselves in spring mood and definitely don´t permit any spring tiredness.

Martina Štěpánková

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