The Art of Negative Thinking

25.01.2011 | 11:20
The Art of Negative Thinking

Švandovo divadlo presents the world premiere of stage version of a remarkable Norwegian movie The Art of Negative Thinking by Bård Breien.!

An offbeat comedy about a paraplegic who plots against a group of disabled people trying to cheer him up. Stage version of a famous Norwegian movie combinates the psychological drama and the black comedy. Geirr had an accident two years ago and he was confined to a wheelchair since that. His wife Ingvild wants to save their marriage and invites a group of disabled led by a „positively thinking“  psychologist Tori. Geirr fights back her methods – and during one night lots of things happen: a Russian roulette, suicide attempts but maybe also the real healing of wounded souls. Breien‘s 2007 film directorial debut was an international success as well as a hit with the critics. Svandovo is going well with its theatrical version, too – the production is highly acclaimed both by reviewers and audience. Come to discover with us the Czechs‘ enthusiasm for Scandinavian film - Svandovo premiered not only Breien´ s The Art of Negative Thinking but also Lars von Trier´ s Who is the Boss. Both productions have in common also two names – director Daniel Hrbek and actor Michal Dlouhy. Are you depressed? Come to Svandovo to find out that your problems might not be as big as you thought and that the solution might be amazingly funny. At Švandovo divadlo theatre on January 8th, 12th and 31st.

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