Beautiful and Hospitable Region

31.08.2008 | 16:15
Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Beautiful and Hospitable Region Southern Bohemia is a pictoresque region with numerous cultural and historical pearls, lots of country architecture sightseeings, water areas, woods and forests. We realize how precious and wealthy this region is, and that it is one of the most beautiful European regions.


Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Welcome to Southern Bohemia

The development of our region in the field of culture, sightseeing and travel industry has been one of its most important priorities since Southern Bohemia Region came into existence. The department of culture and travel industry has implemented two important European projects: a project Interreg IIIC “STRATCULT“ – Strategy of development in the field of culture in the Middle Europe, and a projekt Interreg IIIA Czech Republic – Austria “Cross border marking of touristic destinations“. Buying and following expensive reconstruction of the unique historic object of the mill Hoslovice at Strakonice was successful, an it was presented as “The First Historical Mill“ to the wide public this year.

In the field of tourism we financially supported the Southern Bohemian Centre of tourism, Southern Bohemian Bikeroute Foundation, Czech Tourist Club and important financial resources were devoted to the projects of cyclobuses and skibuses.

Southern Bohemia Region pays its attention also to its parts which influence satisfaction of the visitors to your region of Southern Bohemia. The most important is building of a new communication infrastructure, an airport, use of water transport, developing of possibilities for lodging and restaurant services, the services quality and – last but not least – widening of grant support for cultural and historical sightseeing reconstructions.

It is not easy to introduce Southern Bohemia Region in all its forms, but it is definitely worth coming and seeing its beauties and hospitality.

Ing. František Štangl, a member of Southern Bohemia Region Council

Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Castle Žumberk
Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Water Castle Červená Lhota


The second largest region in the Czech Republic will win your heart by the beauty of its nature, architecture and folklore tradition. Information source about Southern Bohemian history are numerous castles, fortresses or monasteries, which hold mysterious atmosphere of long past times.

Visit Southern Bohemian sightseeings UNESCO – middle age town Český Krumlov with its castle, or a village Holašovice, a typical folk barocco. Other favourite sightseeings are for instance the castle of Rožmberk, romanesque castle in Jindřichův Hradec, royal castle of Zvíkov, gothic castle Nové Hrady, water castle Blatná, Renaissance water castle Červená Lhota, Renaissance castle Kratochvíle, neo-gothic castle Orlík, Renaissance castle Třeboň, and also the most visited castle of the Southern Bohemia Region, built in the English Windsor gothic style Hluboká nad Vltavou.

Tourist in Southern Bohemia Region can enjoy also technical memorials, for instance 200 years old and 51 km long “Schwarzenberg Canal“ for wood driving. The old fame of the old times will remind remnants of the horse trail from Linz to Budweisser, “Buškův Hamr“ iron mill, narrow track railway from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice, a chain bridge at Stádlece, and many other destinations. Brand new is the reconstructed first Southern Bohemian open air museum “Water Mill“ in Hoslovice at Strakonice.

Active Tourism...
Southern Bohemia is for active tourism almost ideal place. You can find the biggest water dam Lipno here, large forests and important national parks, as Natinal Park Šumava, Natural Reservation Třeboňsko, Žofín or Boubín wild forests. Lovers of hiking will appreciate numerous educative trails and classical touristic routes. Following them you can reach the oldest stone viewpoint Kleť, from which you can see beauties of Budweisser basin from the bird‘s view, or snowy tops of the Austrian Alps as well.

Also cyclotourism has become a very popular way of active exercise outdoor lately. A dense net of marked cycloroutes offers possibility of knowing the most precious natural parts of the region. The route “UNESCO“ (Holašovice - Český Krumlov), or international cycloroute “Greenways Prague-Wien“ passing through the area called Czech Canada belong among the most beautiful.

Southern Bohemia Region has prepared also something for horse riding lovers. You can follow several km of marked routes, places with horse riding training possibilities, accomodation and more, which came into existence in the frame of the “Tourism on Horses“ project. This project is an answer to the rising demand of the public for agrotourism.

Water and Traditional Cuisine...
One of the most characteristic symbols of the region is water. The most favourite is pond systém in the Protected Countryside District Třeboňsko, water streams for canoeing and the water dam “Lipno“, which is the biggest in the Czech Republic. You can water ski on Orlická Dam, slalom ride on the canal in České Vrbné at České Budějovice, and you can find also places suitable for sport diving. Also fishing, hunting and other activities can be enjoyed here.

You can also see how the traditional Czech beer is being brewed in some of local breweries and try some of the Czech special dishes, for instance “Třeboň carp“, “Cmunda, or potato pancake“ or red-blooded “Roast Pork “. All these is prepared for visitors of the Southern Bohemia Region.

Beautiful and Hospitable Region


Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Boubín wild forest

Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Castle Kratochvíle

Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Castle Hluboká nad Vltavou

Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov

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