You can visit us anytime

31.03.2008 | 23:16
You can visit us anytime

Vimperk, a lovely town in Šumava mountains, is located in the Volyňka River valley at the foothills of the Boubín Mountains, 700 m above sea level. It can be a starting point for walks in Šumava countryside but the town itself is also very interesting. Let's have a walk around the town and its history.

A tip for walks in Vimperk:

Old Town Hall – starting point, in gothic vaults there is a Minimuseum of the Golden Trail
1)The Square Náměstí Svobody – the Lower Fountain from the 18th century
2)The Upper Fountain from the 18th century, with the statue of St. Florian in the life-size
3)The Golden Trail (town walls) – town walls almost surrounding whole historical centre, the oldest part (the 2nd half of the 15th century) can be found in the street Zlatá stezka (the Golden Trail)
4)The Golden Trail (bastions) – bastion in the upper part of the square, surrounded by houses, gate above the Volyňka valley, the starting point of the 2nd town walk
5)View point – in the street Zahradní ulice, beautiful sights of the town
6)Way of the Cross – above the hospital, Johann Steinbrener, a burgher of Vimperk and a printer, decided (in 1877) to build a way of the cross here.
7)Haselburg – a unique artillery bastion (1479) standing on its own as an outpost of the castle, a part of its fortification, the stone plate with the herald of Kaplíři of Sulevice above the entrance gate.
8)Lower Castle – former outer ward of the castle, separated from it by a moat. After its reconstruction (the 16th century) it became a part of the Upper Castle with its gardens with arcades and a brewery.
9)Upper Castle – from the 13th century, during 1530 – 1560 it was rebuilt into a Renaissance castle, these days there is a museum with permanent expositions devoted to glassmaking, printing and nature of the Šumava mountains.
10) Castle and Chateau of Vimperk – visit according to the visiting hours
11) Chapel of 14 helpers – Baroque chapel in the old cemetery from1708
12) Church of St. Bartholomew – the oldest sacral building of the town (the end of 13th century) with unique mural paintings or tomb stones (15-17th centuries)
13)The Black Gate (Černá brána) – a part of town fortification walls
14)The Golden Trail (Zlatá stezka) – the Salt Path, connecting Bohemia with Donau region
15)The House “U Jelena“ - The corner, two-storey house No. 61, was originally built in the Gothic style and later went through a reconstruction in the Renaissance style. The richly decorated front reflects Classicism, with remains of Rococo wall paintings, and an oriel on the second floor, supported by corbels. The corner bears a crucifix and a sculpture of a deer’s head (hence the name meaning “U Jelena“).
16)Wooden houses Nos. 11, 16 a 18 - came into existence in the 17th century and they are a typical wooden houses for the Šumava region.
17)Steinbrener House No. 3 – former The House with an Elephant
18)The Town Bell Tower – a prismatic, late Gothic tower from the turn of 15th and 16th centuries
19)The Church of Visitation of Virgin Mary – (around 14th century), prebystary, sacristy and southern dome dates back to 1365, but can be even older.

The sightseeing of our town is in the end here. We believe you enjoyed your time here. And if you didn’ t have enough time for whole walk, never mind – you can whenever come back! More information in our Information Centre.

IC Vimperk
nám. Svobody 42, 385 01 Vimperk
Tel.: +420 388 411 894

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