Spa Houses and Colonnades of Western Bohemian Spas

30.09.2008 | 12:40
Spa Houses and Colonnades  of Western Bohemian Spas

Spa Houses and Colonnades  of Western Bohemian SpasThe most of the Bohemian spas are located in Western Bohemia, especially in Karlovarský Region (Karlovy Vary – Carlsbad). Not only natural springs are notable, but also architecture, which is a jewel not only in this country, but in the world‘s cultural heritage as well.

Let‘s get started in Carlsbad – Karlovy Vary, which is 650 years old. Karlovy Vary is known as a town of colonnades. Mlýnská kolonáda (Mill Colonnade) is the biggest and came into existence in 1871 – 1881 as a project of the architect Josef Zítka. Its roof is supported by 124 corithiam columns and there are the place for an orchestra and five mineral springs. On the roof top, there are 12 allegorical statues, each expresing one of all months of the year. Other architects who work on spa promenades were Mr. Fellner and Mr. Helmer. In 1880 it was Sadová kolonáda (Orchard Colonnade) which at first served as a promenade for Blanenský pavillion, destroyed in the sixties. These gentlemen also projected Tržní kolonáda (Market Colonnade) in 1883. This wooden building according to the Swiss example should had been a provisional arrangement, but after having been standing over Tržní and Charles IV springs for more than hundred years, it was decided to reconstruct it. Two more colonnades came into existence only in the 20th century, but their buildings are no less interesting than those older. In 1911 – 1913 Zámecká kolonáda (Castle Colonnade) came into existence, standing above Tržní kolonáda and is divided into two parts: one for the Upper Spring, and the other for the Lower Spring. In the interior of the Lower Collonade there can be found a Spirit of the Springs Relief. This colonnade had been closed for many years, but it was reconstructed in 2001 and since it is again open to the public. The youngest colonnade is kolonáda Vřídelní (Spring Colonnade) with a geyser of hot spring. There is also excursion terrace there.

Spa Houses and Colonnades  of Western Bohemian Spas

Carlsbad, Elizabeth Spa

There are also many historical building and luxurious spa houses in town. As the town was developing in the end of the eighteenth and in the start of the nineteenth century, there was a need to build new houses for the spa customers and visitors, who were mostly rich townsfolk and aristocracy. A good example can be a world wide known Grandhotel Pupp from 1781. Another important building is Císařské lázně (Emperor‘s Spa), standing close to the Grandhotel Pupp, which is the result of the work of Mr. Fellner and Mr. Helmer from 1895. It is built in the historism and art-nouveau styles. On the first floor there is an amazing Zander‘s Hall where important cultural and social events are being held. Alžbětiny lázně (Elizabeth‘s Spa) according to the project of the architect Drobný is still today the biggest spa institution in the Czech Republic. It is standing in Smetana Orchard and is named after emperor Franz Joseph I ‚s wife.
Spa Hotel Imperial, built in 1912 for rich customers, and Parkhotel Richmond in the neoclassicism style, originally spa café Schönbrunn, are also very interesting and important historical buildings in town.

Spa Houses and Colonnades  of Western Bohemian Spas

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary), Mlýnská Colonnade

Let us mention also other spa town in the Western Bohemian Region. In Mariensbad (Mariánské Lázně), which has an unique spa colonnade built in 1888 – 1889 from cast iron prefabricates in neo-barocco style, is the work of Vienna famous architects Miksch and Niedzielski, and creates a town dominat together with Mary Ascension Church. In the Central Spa the main spring (Mary‘s spring which gave the name to the town) from 1892 according to the project of an architect Josef Schaffer is the biggest building here. The gate of Nové Lázně (New Spa) from 1895 is decorated with allegoric statues. The real jewel is Roman Bath in the style of Roman Baths in Budapest and town spa in Vienna. There is also Social House Casino from 1901, which has three halls for cultural opportunities. Nová kolonáda (New Colonnade) in Františkovy Lázně has a stately peristyle and a spa building from 1912 in an empire style, imitating Egyptian motives. An interesting building is also Solný and Luční Spring Colonnade in a late classicism style with early Renaissance influence standing on more than 1100 piles, built in 1843.

Spa Houses and Colonnades  of Western Bohemian Spas

Marienbad, Colonnade

Among other Western Bohemian spa town belong for instance Jáchymov with its neo-classicism palace Radium Palace, projected by a famous Vienna architect Burian and finished in 1912. In the spa Lázně Kynžvart, there are a lot of lovely garden houses and pavillons, and also spa house Metternich from 1864 (today the spa house Orlík), which is together with the Kynžvart Castle dominant of the town. Tehre are many pictoresque pavillons with springs in large parks of Konstantinovy Lázně. Important is for instance spa house Prusík, built in 1875.

Spa Houses and Colonnades  of Western Bohemian Spas

Františkovy Lázně
Spa Houses and Colonnades  of Western Bohemian Spas

Jáchymov, Radium Palace

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