Welcome to Golf Resorts

01.05.2008 | 12:06
Welcome to Golf Resorts

Welcome to Golf Resorts The craddle of the world golf is of course Scotland, and the craddle of the Czech golf is without question the spa in Western Bohemia. Since the aim of all spa resorts is to provide their visitors both with a peaceful place to relax, and some entertainment as well, the spa started to change its face in the beginning of the 20th century and attracted many British, French, Americans and even visitors from the Orient.


Welcome to Golf Resorts

Social and cultural events in spa resorts have been enriched with new kinds of entertainment, for instance horseracing, tennis and of course golf. The first golf field was built here already in 1904 in Březová, on lands of the Pupps family. This field had nine holes and it was even the first golf course in all Austria-Hungary. The second golf course was open in Mariánské Lázně on August 20, 1905 during the visit of British king Edward VII, who became also a founder member of the golf club. Also this course had originally nine holes, and next nine holes were built twenty four years later. Both these course has hosted numerous significant championships and professional tournaments. Nine-hole field in so called Gejzírpark near Březová wasn’t soon big enough, so they started a new one, this time with eighteen holes, at Olšová Vrata. The project was made by a famous French architect, and it was open in 1935. Nowadays there are 9 golf course, out of them 6 are with eighteen holes, in Karlovy Vary region. They belong among renowned course in all Europe, and amateur tournaments, as well as professional, také place here. Golf fields in Karlovy Vary region have significant history and keep traditions of this sport, but also offer the latest equipment and the most pleasant relaxation in a beautiful countryside and scenery. All this can be used not only by golf clubs members, but also by the visitors from all over the world.

Welcome to Golf Resorts

Golf Resort Karlovy Vary www.golfresort.cz
Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně www.golfml.cz
Astoria Golf Resort Cihelny, a. s. www.astoria-golf.cz
Golf & Racing Club Karlovy Vary www.racingclub.cz
Golf Club Františkovy Lázně www.gr-fl.cz
Golf Club Sokolov www.golf-sokolov.cz
Golf Club Háje www.golfhaje.com
Golf Club Luby www.golfluby.cz
Golfklub Klášter Teplá www.golftepla.cz

Welcome to Golf Resorts

Karlovy Vary Region Regional Office

Závodní 353/88, 360 21 Karlovy Vary
Tel.: +420 353 502 111
E-mail: epodatelna@kr-karlovarsky.cz

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