Praguers Already Know It!

01.03.2010 | 00:00
Praguers Already Know It!

Any town, which has a funicular within its territory, enjoys a great advantage in the current weather conditions. The abundance of snow covering Karlovy Vary means problems for the town technical services but also presents a great opportunity for making use of the town’s facilities for winter sports.

Residents of Prague, which has a funicular up Petřín Hill, now frequently use it to transport themselves and their skis to the top. But in Karlovy Vary, where it is possible to ride on a funicular up to the Diana Observation Tower with a Deer’s Jump stop, how many ski enthusiasts can you meet on this means of transport going for a Saturday or Sunday trip along woodland paths? You could count them on your fingers.
And it is not only woodland paths; there are wide roads, which in summer are used for deliveries to various restaurants and other facilities. It is for example possible to ski from Diana to Doubí, as far as public bus line No. 6, which will take you back to the town. Some time ago it was planned to build a funicular up Vítkova Mountain with a piste for skiers, which would have had artifi cial snow facilities. This area embraces sporting enjoyment, without great fi nancial costs, for only the price of adjusting the paths for winter traffi c on skis. And the feasibility of it has been proven by the annual artifi cial snow cover of T.G. Masaryk Street at Christmas.

Jiří Mika

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