Six Gates Lead to us

28.11.2007 | 18:22
Six Gates Lead to us

The picturesque landscape of the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory) invites to active relaxation and pleasant lazing. Ardent fans of winter pleasures are attracted not only by well kept slopes but also by cross-country tracks. You can enter the fairytale kingdom of our mountains through several gates.

You can find them spread on the map as small beads that have rolled away from the necklace of their mistress Kate. Dobruška, Nové Město nad Metují, Opočno, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Rokytnice v Orlických horách and Žamberk are not only the entrance gates but also places where the history paced and where it is pleasant to stop by and take a view. The people, who live here, are fond of their town and they will be happy to take you around.

Let´s start with Dobruška. Did you know that a great Czech revivalist, František Ladislav Hek, was born here? You can visit his native house. Or what about Nové Město nad Metují, with a square surrounded by Renaissance arcades and uncommonly well-preserved rests of town ramparts? On the other side of the castle park in Opočno is another place you must visit. You will understand why. Besides that, the city of Rychnov nad Kněžnou, which next year will celebrate its 750 year anniversary although it looks far younger, is a modern pulsing city that offers everything what a tourist can wish. The advantage of Rokytnice v Orlických horách lies in an excellent accessibility by car, but also by bus, train or by ski bus during weekends. The last gate of the Eagle Mountains is Žamberk, a town that lures lovers of alpine and cross-country skiing throughout the year but especially in winter.

The Eagle Mountains always prepare something new for their visitors. That goes also for the last month of this year. Besides prepared skiing slopes, cross-country tracks, hotels, guest houses and private accommodation you can find many pre-Christmas events. Christmas fairs and markets, historical family cribs or Christmas concerts, it is only a fragment of what you can find here.


Do you know how the governor of the Eagle Mountains, Rampušák, came into existence?

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