A Postcard from Liberec

29.12.2007 | 13:31
A Postcard from Liberec

If you are wondering in these days where to spend a free afternoon, an oval weekend or even the whole winter holiday, you could definitely think about Liberec. Come and personally experience that this is a town full of unusual touristic targets and places of interest.

The main dominant in Liberec is the mountain Ještěd, 1012 metres high, which is crowned with a miraculous silhouette of a television transmitter and a mountain hotel. The erection of this building demanded unusual constructing procedures; many of them were tried practically for the first time. No wonder that Ještěd thanks to its originality received many rewards, and currently is fighting for an entry on UNESCO’s world heritage list. From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surroundings; on its slopes you can find ideal conditions for summer and winter sports.

The zoological garden is another allurement. Its visitors are attracted first of all by the local curiosity – the white tigers. However, attention should be also given to the rare Sumatran Orangutans, the Red Panda, Chinese Takins or Europe’s biggest collection of birds of prey. An attractive view can be offered during the feeding of seals; children can visit an interesting goblet path, ride a little train full of colours or caress tamed domestic animals and observe them from immediate proximity in the Petting ZOO. Not far from the ZOO you can find a Botanical Garden, founded already in 1895. Thanks to the recent reconstruction it became one of the most modern gardens in the Czech Republic. You will be enchanted by the beauty of noble orchids, the miniature world of bonsai or a unique exposition of carnivorous plants. The Primeval pavilion captures the prehistoric face of our planet, while the atmosphere of a chateau orangery is encapsulated in a remarkable collection of camellias. The incredible and silent underwater world is also captured in a collection of aquariums that are home to stingrays and sharks.

The Babylon Centre is a unique location for family leisure time and belongs amongst the most important tourist attractions in the town. It is a large, covered complex with an Aquapark, Lunapark, Museum of funny learning, shops, restaurants, bowling hall, hotel and casino. The modern wellness centre is a recently opened attraction, the biggest of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Culture aficionados can visit the Museum of North Bohemia, the Regional Gallery or some of the theatres in Liberec. You can enjoy interesting strolls around the town, and here and there among the new architecture you will discover half-forgotten witnesses of the long past – Waldstein´s Houses, the Šolc´s House, Liebig´s Town and others.

The town´s location in the fold between the Jizera Mountains and Ještěd´s edge offers many opportunities for hikers, bikers, skiers and other active sports people. The town itself disposes sport places of several types. The Tipsport Arena belongs to the most important of them; another is Ski Resort Ještěd where you can travel comfortably by local ski buses. This resort was modernised and new chairlifts have made skiing more comfortable.

If you have already visited Liberec and its surroundings, you can be sure that there is a reason to come back. You can discover a lookout tower with a cosy restaurant in Rašovka, ride a bob–sleigh run in Janov nad Nisou or try the 150 metre long water slide in the the water park, which is the longest slide between Munich and Moscow.

Town Information Centre Liberec
Nám. Dr. E. Beneše 1
460 59 Liberec
Tel.: +420 485 101 709

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