Wandering around in the Moravian-Silesian region

09.03.2008 | 21:46
Wandering around in the Moravian-Silesian region

The Moravian-Silesian region – that’s wonderful nature, a magnitude of cultural, architectonical, sacral and technical monuments, plus sports and leisure opportunities for all of you.

Would you like to see the spring thaw in mountains with your own eyes? In that case set off for Bílá Opava River Valley, where you can find an educational path with the same name, that is a part of the Pradd National Nature Reservation. The path will lead you along wild rapids, cascades and waterfalls to the mountain cottage Barborka. From here it’s just a short distance to the top of the “Moravian glacier” - Pradd (1491) - and to Peter´s Stones, where witches soldered together according to a legend. The spa Karlova Studánka (Charles´ Well), which thanks to its air belongs to the cleanest in the Czech Republic, is situated at the beginning of the educational path. The spa is also interesting because of its unique architecture. The Jeseník region is rich in historical monuments. The largest castle complex can be found in the Sovinec Castle not far from Rýmařov. During Easter a non-traditional sightseeing tour and a show of customs and traditions will be organized here. You should definitely visit the Rešov Waterfalls south of Rýmařov, and also the remnants of the Rešov Castle. In Bruntál you can visit its castle with a Renaissance arcade court-yard and an ample park with remains of ramparts, bastions and a pond. The town you should not skip over is Krnov, with a Renaissance castle, Minorite monastery, with Renaissance and baroque burgess houses and a neo-Renaissance town hall. The local Jewish synagogue is unique. It is the only building with Arabian-Spanish interiors in Moravia and Silesia. At the same time it is the only synagogue in the region that is open for tourists.


Silesia – Opava Region (Opavské Slezsko)
Opavské Slezsko is situated in the heart of the Moravian-Silesian region. This area) constitutes a heaven for all curious natures and enthusiasts who are interested in historical and cultural monuments or monuments of technical character. What’s more, you can find it all in combination with ideal hiking and bicycling conditions. The Silesia – Opava Region has become commonly known thanks to its rich cultural life, the way in which folk customs and traditions are kept, and also because of Silesia’s traditional cuisine. The spring time in this region is devoted first of all to important natural sights that start to reveal their beauty right in the Easter time. Several sights are worth seeing – let us name the Arboretum in Nový dvůr, the Orangery at the Raduň Castle, the Red and White Castle in Hradec nad Moravicí, the Trout Farm in Blá or the educational paths Hvozdnice and Moravice. And if you’d like to observe all the beauties of the Opava region and of the town Opava itself from on high, the Hláska Town Tower opens its gates for regular ascents from White Easter Saturday, i.e. from March 22.


Ostrava Region
Would you like to learn how coal was exploited and processed? Or how steel is produced in blast furnaces - and at the same time enjoy some sports or culture? In Ostrava you have several opportunities for it. The Mine Museum OKD Landek is a unique combination of technical and natural monument. In the underground the museum offers expositions in a gallery situated at the upper seams of the real historical mine Anselm, while at the surface you will find a national nature monument - Landek – with a rich offer of sports self-realization: rope centre, tennis courts, grounds for beach volleyball, cycle paths. The premises of the mine museum also houses cultural events. One of them is the International Music Festival Janáček´s May, taking place in the days from May 19 to June 9.
Another major technical attraction is the national cultural monument Michal Mine, where the exposition is designed according to the theory of the so-called last working day. In the mine itself you will find the exposition ORBIS PICTUS with interactive acoustic, optical and kinetic objects and installations. During the summer months visitors will be allowed to enter the Lower part of Vítkovice (so-called Ostrava´s Hradčany) mining area, a resort aspiring for entry in the UNESCO list. This is a unique industrial architecture complex consisting of blast furnaces, a coking plant and a black-coal mine, situated in the immediate vicinity of central Ostrava. If you long for a blast of much older history, you can visit the newly reconstructed Silesian-Ostrava Castle where the Easter Fair will be held on March 15 – 16 in its courtyard. MINIUNI is an attraction for both children and adults. On the area of 1.5 hectares you can view more than 20 models of important buildings from European cities.


Moravia’s Kravařsko Region – Poodří
This region has a dense net of tourist tracks and also lots of educational paths, cycle routes and cultural monuments. Some significant personalities of global or European importance are connected with this region; let us name Johan Gregor Mendel whose native house can be found at the address www.mendel-rodnydum.vrazne.cz, Sigmund Freud, Jan Amos Komenský, Cardinal František Tomášek and others. During the spring months the nature lures visitors to walks along the Odra River. The Odra River’s unrestrained flow streams in numerous meanders through the valley’s flood-plain. This part of Moravian Kravasko was proclaimed the protected landscape area Poodí. In Moravia’s Kravařsko Region you can celebrate “Easter in the Village” with us, take part in the 7th year of “Opening of Poodří and Odra Home Brew Tasting” which will be held at the Bartošovice Castle. It is a competition for the title King of Odra Brandy 2008 in the categories plum, pear and apple.


Beskydy and Valašsko
You can admire the fresh and green hills of Beskydy on your way to the Lysá Hill. You can brisk up the acquired energy in the mountain rope centre Tarzania, situated in the neighbourhood of the lower station of the lift to the very popular Pustevny. And would you like to take a look at the Beskydy during springtime from the horse back? The Horse Ranch in eladná offers recreational riding both in Western and English style. Since spring has already knocked ont the gates of Czech castles you could visit the Frýdecký Castle, surmounting above the Ostravice River. If you long for some medieval inspiration you can stop in the village Hukvaldy. Here, you shouldn’t miss the vast ruins of the feudal Hukvaldy Castle and a walk through the blossoming game-park that is the home of a numerous mouflon and fellow-deer herds. Do you know Moravian Bethlehem? It is a picturesque mountain town, Štramberk, with a typical dominant – the cylinder tower Trúba with the ruins of the Štramberk Castle. You will certainly be tempted by the smell of the local speciality – Ears of Štramberk. You can quench your thirst with Truba beer, which the brewster serves you in the local Štramberk brewery. In the neighbouring town Kopivnice you can visit the Tatra Technical Museum, the exposition of which represents the most complex collection devoted to the beginnings of traffic means production in the Czech lands and Moravia. In the newly opened Museum of the Frenštát Region you can get acquainted with the history of Frenštát pod Radhoštm. In the “living” exposition of the Elementary school in the Fojtství area in Kozlovice children can sit in the desks of the 19th century and try to write letters on slate tablets.


Těšín’s Silesia (Těšínské Slezsko)
In Těšín’s Silesia everybody finds something of his or her liking. You can hike through the mountains with packs on your backs, walk through the ancient Mionše forest and learn about its fauna and flora, climb the Knight´s path to the Čantoryje Hill and view the region from the local lookout tower. Those of you who are attracted by adrenaline experiences should check out for instance the rope centre or the bob-sleigh track in Mosty by Jablůnkov. You can take off paragliding above the Těšín Beskydy from the Javorový Hill, which can be reached with a funicular. The spring weather is usually very shifting, so it is necessary to adapt leisure activities according to it. If the weather doesn´t permit outdoor activities you can immerse yourself into the spa. The modern Regeneration Centre and the wellness centre Vitality World of Darkov Spa offer a broad scale of relaxing packages, with a row of treatment-relaxation delicacies. As the spring sun gets brighter you can together with us look forward to the Easter Fair, displaying historic crafts and Easter traditions, which will be held on March 21. You can also choose from the rich offer of Experience Package Catalogue in Karviná.


Moravian - Silesian Destination Management

Zámek Raduň Archeopark in Těšín´s Silesia Tatra Museum Kopřivnice Obrázek č.0 Tatra Museum Kopřivnice Ostrava – blast furnaces

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