Zoological Garden Děčín

31.08.2008 | 21:17
Zoological Garden Děčín

Zoological Garden DěčínZoological garden in Děčín can be found surrounded by a park at Pastýřská stěna and is an ideal place for a family trip. There are many interesting animals from all over the world, but you can also play various games and interactive paths for children and adults as well. An interesting novelty is also an exposition called Paradise Islands with many exotic animals and the biggest sea aquarium in the Ústí region. Visitors can find it in the centre of the town, about 700 m from the Zoo.


Striking Animal World
Děčín Zoo first of all specializes in breeding of less known and endangered animal species. You will love giant bears grizzly in a perfect natural milieu at the first sight, as well as a herd of white chamoises. A tender vikuni is hard to believe it has the finest coat in the world. And grandiose capybara? Believe it or not, they are akin of guinea pigs you might have at home. Also bird lovers will be satisfied in the Zoo Děčín – little and fancy coloured singers of Indonesia will freely fly above your head in the Bird House there.

Paradise and Wilderness for Children
Zoo Děčín is a paradise for children. There is a great area for them with a fancy castle, monkey cord track and climbing wall. They can enjoy their time in a children contact Zoo and during the excursion. There is a lot of interactive tools for using all senses in the Zoo area. They can also follow several educative trails.

Visitors services
Refreshment U Kamzíka, souvenirs sale, parking lot in front of the Zoo, commented feeding and guide services (in the high season), permanent single, double, family and firm tickets.

Zoological Garden Děčín

Zoo Děčín – Pastýřská stěna, p.o.

Tel.: +420 412 531 164
E-mail: info@zoodecin.cz


Zoological Garden Děčín

Information Centre Děčín
REGIOcentrum, o.p.s.
Zbrojnická 14, Děčín-Podmokly
Tel./Fax: +420 412 540 014
E-mail: decin@ceskosaskesvycarsko.info

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