Chomutov Festivities Will Take the Town Back to the Past

01.04.2010 | 00:00
Chomutov Festivities Will Take the Town Back to the Past

Chomutov Festivities Will Take the Town Back to the PastThe last weekend in April, the Chomutov “Square of 1st May” will travel into history against the tide of time.Yet again the Chomutov Festivities will take place here, this time commemorating two anniversaries.

The fi rst is connected with 1605, when its residents took advantage of the town’s owner falling into disfavour with Emperor Rudolf II and bought themselves out of serfdom. Thus the town received the status of a royal town with all the freedoms associated with it. The second anniversary commemorates the fi fteenth year of the actual festivities. From modest beginnings this has grown into an event of regional importance with the number of visitors ranging between15 and 25 thousand over the course of the two days.
Organisers believe that even this year the festivities will lure a similar number of people not only from Chomutov but also its wide environs. They can look forward to an interesting programme called the Mystery of Chomutov Clocks, witness the arrival of an entourage with a message from the Emperor, headed by Adam Hrzán of Harasov, who mediated for the Chomutov burghers when they bought themselves out of serfdom in that year. Moreover, they can cheer for the guilds led by Chomutov councillors in the traditional skill competition or take part in a carnival parade or even join in the attempt to break the record for the number of people in carnival masks in one place. Children may enjoy competing for the title of Guard of the Town of Chomutov or can get involved with their parents in searching for the treasure of the headless monk. It will be possible to view the old town hall, admire various music groups, conjurers, the Berto circus, a bear handler, a dancer, children’s theatre and so on. Traders dressed in period costumes selling historical specialties and several types of beer will cater for all the needs of the visitors.


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