In the Landscape of the Czech Central Mountains

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In the Landscape of the Czech Central Mountains

The Ústí region, that’s green forests and mountains, rock towns, picturesque valleys where many rivers are winding through, historical and cultural monuments and even romantic ruins. On bike, on foot, by boat or by car – you can always find something new that is worth seeing.

The whole region is interwoven by well marked foot paths that combined with natural beauties challenge you to active rest. Let us name just a few of them: the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the Lusatian Mountains, the Czech Central Mountains region or the Ore Mountains. Those who are not afraid of steep climbs can observe many places in this region from a number of lookout towers. Children, and not only them, are more than welcome in zoological gardens in Děčín, Ústí nad Labem and in the Podkrušnohorský Zoological Park in Chomutov. Everybody who rides a bike knows that pleasant feeling which appears when you look around at the top of a hill and see the whole region that opens up, or when you, with the wind in your back, race downhill on a maintained way that leads to a picturesque valley or to a river bank. The region is literarily interwoven by a net of cycle paths and cycle routes - for beginners, advanced cyclists and even for lovers of more demanding roads. Probably the best-known bike track, and one of the most-frequented ones by domestic and foreign visitors in the last years, is the Elbe cycle route that goes along the banks of the River Elbe up to Hamburg. While riding on this undemanding flat track you can visit many interesting places. At random let us name for example the Terezín Memorial, the bishop town Litoměřice, the Střekov Castle or Děčín, a town with a reconstructed dominant – the castle. And if you are tired after the long ride, you can refresh in the thermal spa in Brno, swim in the Děčín Aquapark or taste the excellent wine of Žernosec wine-yards.

The Czech Central Mountains (České středohoří)
The tourist region Czech Central Mountains stretches from Ústí nad Labem in the east towards the Žatec and Louny areas in the west. This region, known for its hops, wine and fruit growing, rightly boasts of the title “Bohemia’s Garden”. Yet Ústí nad Labem, Litoměřice, Roudnice nad Labem or for instance Louny are several of many towns that every year attract thousands of history and culture lovers. The unique and maybe the main tourist magnet is the protected landscape area Czech Central Mountains, a region of once active and today extinct volcanoes. The shape of the landscape belongs to the most distinctive and at the same time most beautiful in the Czech Republic. The Milešovka Hill can be rightly called the queen of the area. Not only thanks to its height but also because of its beautiful conical shape. In clear days you can have a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape from its top. The famous German scientist and traveller Alexander von Humboldt once described the view from Milešovka as the third most beautiful in the world. The region is intersected by the River Elbe that creates a beautiful valley called The Bohemian Gate (Porta Bohemica) on its way to the north. Tourists often favour the views from the Lovoš Hill, the Holý Hill by Sutom, Little Chlum by Děčín or Varhošť. The views by the church of Saint Barbara in Dubičky or for instance the natural monument Vrkoč in Ústí nad Labem are also frequently visited. There are many castle ruins there, let us mention at least Házmburk, which is said to be the most photogenic one. Another specialty of this corner of the Czech Republic is good conditions for avionic sports, especially on the Raná Hill or on the amateur aerodrome in Charvátce.

And if you want a practical tip for a trip, set off north of Lovosice. The Oparenské Valley stretches under the slope of Lovoš. Along the Milešovský Brook, that flows through the valley, a 5 km-long pleasant and undemanding walk is offered. The valley is mostly woody, here and there rocky; parts of the track go along the railway track Teplice – Lovosice. In the olden days, several watermills stood here, and the last of them was in operation as late as during the Second World War. Today, one of the mills is operated as a pub. The ruins of the Gothic castle that surmounts on the woody hill above the village Opárno are also worth a visit. The castle’s origin goes back to the 14th century, and in its neighbourhood rests of prehistoric quarry can be found. Directly from the castle a nice view of the valley itself and tops in the surroundings is offered.

Ústí Region

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