Horse Riding in the Vysočina

31.03.2008 | 22:59
Horse Riding in the Vysočina

Horse Riding in the VysočinaLong hills, meadows in blossoms, mirrors of lakes and silver ribbons of stream. Dozens of roads in the countryside attract for seeing from the horseback. Horse riding can be a nice way to spend your holiday. Or haven’t you sit on a horseback yet but are open to try it?

More than 180 hipodroms, stables and farms offers their services in the catalogue “Horse Stations“ (“Koňské stanice“) in the region of Vysočina. You will know on what farm you can arrive with your own horse, the conditions of accomodations and stabling possibilities for your four-legged friend. The owners of the riding halls, farms and ranches will advice you the most beautiful paths for horse riding, according to the length or difficulty. They will help you with planning of several days long rides.

Horse Riding in the Vysočina

Marked horse riding paths are appearing in the region. For instance, Sport Club Starkon in Bohuslavice near Nová Říše is situated in the marked path of the big round at Telč. It is connected with the path leading from Austrian Lichtenberg, Slavonice and Telč. Next one leads to the castle Roštejn and to the top of the Javořice mountain, which is 837 m above sea level the highest mountain of the Českomoravská vrchovina.

Horse Riding in the Vysočina

In Bohuslavice you – adult riders – can be attracted to the still-room with gustations of various fruit liquor. Children are welcome to the animal paradise – they will see parrots, lamas, they can ride a donkey. If you decide to visit the Ranch in Bezděkov in the Jihlava region, you will find about fifty horses with the true western blood. Not only experienced riders will find here their pleasure in trotting alongside long meadows accompanying rivers, but also total beginners. You can enjoy a trip to the springs of the Dyje river, which is protected by the statue of a nymph. From the ranch below Čeřínek you can set out for not only to Čeřínek hill, but also to the neighbouring Křemešník mountain. The starting point for these trips can be also the stables “Blue Horse“ from Rynárec. Several days long rides across the Pelhřimov region can be planned with the help of experts in Olešná, in Bořetín you can ride in a sledge or in a coach, riding hall and stables “Mladé Bříště“ organize holiday stays for children. During wandering about the Havlíčkův Brod region you should have a stop in Ronov nad Sázavou, where you can meet deer in the enclosure. You can set out from Vlkanov for Stvořidla or for Lipnice by a coach, buggy or sledge. In Pohled you can spend a night on a stove in a timber house with a cockle. At the family farm “Kráty“ of the Sedláčeks near Horní Krupá you can choose whether to have a ride in a sledge or in a buggy, or on a horseback, and set out for the Doubrava river, for instance. For the brave ones there is and adrenalin skijöring prepared – skiing after a horse. In the Třebíč region, the long journeys lovers can use the offer of the riding area Sokolí, but also can decide for a shorter ride in the Jihlava river valley or to the Mařenka mountain. In the hipodrom in Otradice there is a centre of holiday and healing hipotherapy. You can have also a trip to the only vineyard in the Vysočina region which is located below the castle Sádek near Kojetice from the stables of the Riding Club Viki in Horní Újezd, or from the family ranch “U Římovského potoka“. And how about have a ride in so called “Anna-Strasse“ – the original coach ride from Náměšť castle across Vlčí kopec and Vicenice hills? The starting point for rides in Velké Dářko of the Žďár region can be a hotel Grunt or a ranch in Hamry nad Sázavou, which specializes in parkuring and have their own turf. In Smrček the horses for film and doubling work are being trained and will counsel routes of various difficulties for rides in the country. In the riding club “Janovičky“ you would be recommended the route Vírské přehrady – Dalečín – Domanínský rybník – Skalský dvůr – údolí Svratky for sure. Horse riding lovers will enjoy their stays at the farm Vysoké in the Žďár region where they are teaching horse riding even absolute beginners. The farm “Gerlinda“ in Rousměrov in the Žďár region also gives horse riding lessons in their own riding area. Experienced riders can enjoy trips to the beautiful local countryside, the experience which is worth seeing is horse washing or skiing after a horse.

Horse Riding in the Vysočina

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