A Few Things that Give You Strength

01.06.2009 | 14:40
A Few Things that Give You Strength

A Few Things that Give You Strength It may not be necessary to introduce to our older generation, the Chairwoman of the Czech Union of Freedom Fighters (CUFF), Mrs. Anděla Dvořáková. Nevertheless, there are others who deserve to learn more about this elegant and graceful lady. Her life story began on May 30, 1927 in Sudovice (District of Příbram).

A Few Things that Give You Strength
Anděla Dvořáková
(photo:: Milan Knaibl)

Her father was a Czechoslovak National Social Party MP and the editor in chief of Melantrich Publishing House. No wonder then, that in 1939 he was taken as a hostage and imprisoned. Later he was released, but for his activities in a resistance group, he was arrested again. This time he was transferred to a prison in Waldheim, Germany, where on March 26, 1943 he was beaten to death by Nazis. After his death Anděla had only a few things to remind her of him. These are for example the death certifi cate, a handkerchief with the prison number on it, a photo of Anděla's godmother F. Zeminová, a photo of her mother and fi nally a photo of her father standing in front of their house (see the photo). Until the occupation her mother worked as a grammar school headmistress, but she spent the war years in prison. Anděla had to leave grammar school and hide. Finally, under an assumed name and with the help of an illegal organisation she graduated from a teaching institute. After the war she married a successful businessman.
She worked in his family business, but only until 1948, when both of them had to leave the fi rm. Then Anděla and her husband worked in a ČKD factory as labourers. She joined CUFF in 1946 and there held all positions. In 2001 she was elected the chairwoman of CUFF.
Apart from her involvement in the Union of Freedom Fighters, from 1947 she was an offi cial of the Spartak Hořovice sporting organisation, the chief of the ice-hockey team and Chairwoman of the District Ice-hockey Union of Beroun as well as the head of the Hořovice Winter Stadium until 2000. Moreover, from 1968 she was the presiding member of the rehabilitation committee on behalf of CUFF as well as a lay judge of the Beroun District Court. She has received many awards, but she values most the Jan Masaryk Commemorative Medal, conferred to her for heroism and work.
Text: Šárka Helmichová, adapted for Travel Eye by Luděk Sládek


A Few Things that Give You Strength
A Few Things that Give You Strength
A Few Things that Give You Strength
A few things that
give you strength
Terezín commemoration
ceremony, May 17, 2009
One of the many
publications of CUFF


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