Visit Most, a modern and dynamic city

01.07.2011 | 00:00
Visit Most, a modern and dynamic city

Most, nestling in the foothills of the Ore Mountains is a modern and dynamic city. You can find endless ways to spend your free time either being active or simply relaxing.

Visit Most, a modern and dynamic cityMost is regularly visited by motorsports fans, as the local motor-racing circuit is one of the best in the country. Lovers of horses come to see the racecourse, where there is also a roller-skating track. Another popular spot for skaters and cyclists is the track running alongside the Matylda Reservoir, which is almost five kilometres long.

The most interesting and notable attraction in Most is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This church became world-famous, being unique in that it was moved due to coal-mining, which saved it from demolition. In 1975 it was moved 841 metres to where it stands now. Another of the city’s landmarks is Hněvín, a replica of the original castle and visible from afar to anyone travelling towards Most. The castle tower was where Magister Edward Kelley, the renowned alchemist from the court of Emperor Rudolf II, met his death. Yet another popular tourist attraction is the Podkrušnohorské Technical Museum. As it is situated in the authentic setting of a former underground mine, this is actually more of a mining ‘scanzen’, or outdoor museum.

The city regularly organises a wide range of interesting cultural events, some of the largest of which are the Magister Kelley Day in June and the Mostecká Slavnost festival in September. One thing that particularly enriches the cultural life of the city is the artistic ensemble of the Municipal Theatre. This is based on the centre on the 1st square in what is one of the most beautiful contemporary buildings in Most.

Every year in Most the vines bear their fruit, and these grapes are especially unique in that they ripen on former dumps and, so have become a recultivation fruit. On the site of the original Royal City of Most a lake is being formed, which will be even larger than the famous Máchovo Lake. It is now being filled with water from the River Ohře, and this should be completed by the end of this year.

Nowadays Most is one of the greenest cities in the Czech Republic. Come and visit and see for yourself that this city is now a far cry from how people used to imagine it.


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