Crisscrossing the Králicko Region

10.03.2008 | 15:15
Crisscrossing the Králicko Region

Králický Sněžník is the third highest mountains in the Czech Republic and three rivers flowing to three seas spring up on its foothills. The mountain´s name is derived from the long winter when the snow-cover endures eight months before disappearing. On the top of the mountain you can find a so-called triple march stone, marking the Czech Kingdom’s border with the Moravian margraviat and Kladsko County. A baby-elephant statue standing on a walled pillar not far from the remnants of a dilapidated cottage is a symbol of the range. The national nature reservation was declared here in 1990.

On the mountainsides of Králický Sněžník
It is not only snow here, but also sunshine, that lures to walks in the nature. As a trip tip for hiking fans we can recommend the educational path Králický Sněžník. The path starts on the parking place in the northern part of the village Dolní Morava ( 695 metres above sea level) and leads along the yellow-marked way through the River Morava valley up to its spring under the Králický Sněžník´s peak (9 kilometres). It continues along the red - marked way to the parting of the ways above Adéla´s spring, from where the way continues on yellow marks and finishes in the altitude of 899 metre at Návrší Cottage (5 kilometres). During this 14 kilometre-long track along the educational path you will pass 15 stops, and overcome the elevation of 685 metres. The track can be passed in the opposite way as well. The educational path is marked with the unofficial symbol of Králický Sněžník – a baby-elephant silhouette.

Recommended border checkpoints
Horní Morava - Jodlów (tourist); Lichkov - Miedzylesie (railway); Králický Sněžník Peak - Snieznik (tourist); train stops Bílá Voda, Červená Voda, Červený Potok, Dolní Lipka, Dolní Orlice, Králíky, Lichkov, Mladkov, Mlýnický Dvůr, Moravský Karlov and Prostřední Lipka.

Some adrenaline won´t harm
If you plan a trip to this region and your offspring demand more adrenaline-filled experiences, then you should let them visit Vtrný vrch (Wuthering Height). Here they will find an outdoor climbing wall of good quality, but also a sports hall with gymnasium, sporting goods and equipment rental, playground, pétanque and boccia sports ground, indoor ping-pong, cross track in slope or outdoor sports grounds.

A path to military fortifications
Lovers of our pre-war military forts will be enthused to walk along the educational path along the Czechoslovak fortification of Dolní Morava. The path will show you different parts of the fortification that was built before the Second World War in the village Dolní Morava.

K-S 14 „U Cihelny“ (At the brickworks) – The dominant of this artillery cabin are two combat casemates and a space for mortar support during battle. In the building’s surroundings, an obstacle system is gradually being renewed (Prostřední Lipka). The object houses the Museum of the Czechoslovak fortification in the years 1935 – 1938 with a permanent exposition.

K-S 12b „Utržený“ (Torn off) – The three-story artillery watchtower is one of the best-preserved objects in the country. Here you can see the last plated bell in the Králicko region. (Králíky)

K-S 8 „U Nádraží“ (By the railway station) – Its main military task was to direct firing from the armoured copula to the forefronts of the Hůrka firing fortress. (Králíky)

K-S 5 „U Potoka“ (At the brook) – This infantry cabin is reconstructed to its state of 1938. (Králíky)

Lichkov – the military museum is situated in two separate infantry bunkers, K-S 32 “At the Corner” and K-S 31 “U Besídky”. (Lichkov)

Military Museum Králíky – is situated directly in the middle of the zone where the Czechoslovak defence fortifications in 1935-1938 were built. (Králíky).

Bouda Artillery Stronghold – is an accessible underground object in the region of Suchý vrch (Dry Height - parking place by the cottage at Suchý vrch), one of the five finalized strongholds in our country.

Information Centre Králíky
Velké nám. 365, 561 69 Králíky
Tel.: +420 465 631 117

Information Centre Lichkov 561 68 Lichkov 203
Tel.: +420 465 635 531

RIC European House
Dlouhá 353, 561 69 Králíky
p. Dušan Krabec
Tel.: +420 465 323 150
Mobil: +420 604 551 454


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