With Your School to Afrika

01.05.2008 | 12:38
With Your School to Afrika

With Your School to Afrika You might say that your parents wouldn’t agree with it, not to say it would cost a fortune. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Moreover, why to travel long distances, if we have Africa at home, literally at our noses? Don’t you believe? Then you must visit Museum of Dr Emil Holub in Holice, full of distant smells, and convince yourself on your own eyes.

With Your School to Afrika With Your School to AfrikaDid you know that the wife of Dr Holub (1847 - 1902) Růžena (1865 - 1958) was among four women of the world who set out for unknown places in the end of 19th century, but that she was the only one who survived all troubles of the journey and returned back to Europe?

She even lived until respectable 93 years. Or did you know that the stuffed lion in the museum isn’t any ordinary lion? It is extinguished species of Cape lion, which is moreover one of a very few specimen in all Europe? There is also interesting hunting trophy here: the hippopotamus teeth, which was one of the first Dr Holub’s catch on the river of Vaal.

With Your School to Afrika

African village from the end of the 19th century

There are beetles, birds, giraffes and elephants as well, which Dr Holub brought from his journeys. And also a young, two years old steppe elephant which is the greatest and the tallest of all elephant species. There are ears and a leg of the same elephant species, but adult one. Maybe because a whole elephant would be too big for Dr Holub’s suitcase.
The youth prefers the model of the village which is almost lively example of the African tribesmen life from the end of the 19th century. When you see it, you will be in temptation to enter it! But attention: the museum keeper doesn’t sleep at all and sees everything. So please don’t touch. But you can freely watch and you will see things!

“I had a desire to contribute to the science and to my country as well.“ – The life maxim of Dr Emil Holub



• April 25, 2008 / 6.00 p.m. – The Day of South Africa (performance of groups from South Africa)
• VII - VIII / exhibition in the Senate of the Czech Republic „Dr Emil Holub after 116 years again in Prague, or from Holice to Mashuculumbs“
• October 4, 2008 / African symposium “Women travellers“

With Your School to Afrika

Museum of Dr Holub in Holice

With Your School to Afrika

Cape lion

With Your School to Afrika

Memorial of Dr Holub in Vienna

With Your School to Afrika


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