On Cross-country Skis in the Orlicko Region

28.11.2007 | 19:38
On Cross-country Skis in the Orlicko Region

A good standard of services is one of the necessary prerequisites for life in the countryside. It strengthens the locality’s attractiveness, so people don’t only like to go there, but they also come back again. The Orlicko Region is situated alongside the upper parts of rivers Divoká (Wild) Orlice and Tichá (Quiet) Orlice, in the north-eastern part of the Pardubice region near the border with Poland. It excels in natural beauties given by segmentation of the terrain, a high percentage of forests, a low rate of settlement and the almost untouched nature.

Paradoxically enough, the fact that the Orlicko Region was – as a border area – affected by the expulsion of the original population after the Second World War, plays a certain role. As you will find out yourself, this is a mountainous and a foothilly terrain with less favourable climate conditions and reduced transport accessibility. Its clear advantage, however, lies in the fact that human activities have left the landscape almost untouched. All the things that we already have said about the Orlicko Region have great importance for the development of tourism. This region is suitable for summer holidays (bike tourism, sights, active sports and others) and for winter holidays (ski areas, cross-country trails prepared by machines). A system of pre-war fortifications in the Králická area is another unique and very significant phenomenon of this region.

Why just one-day and two-day trips on cross-country skis in the Orlicko Region?
The region offers more than 100 kilometres of prepared cross-country trails. We have ten trips with accommodation and food offers for you. You can combine the stay with other activities (cross-country skiing, alpine skiing). Cross-country tracks lead to Poland in the frames of cross-border co-operation.


Do you know what the name of the town Vamberk was one hundred years ago?

On Cross-country Skis in the Orlicko Region On Cross-country Skis in the Orlicko Region The Project is co-financed by the European Union.

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