By Bike around Českomoravské pomezí

02.05.2009 | 16:49
By Bike around Českomoravské pomezí

By Bike around Českomoravské pomezíThe area of Českomoravské pomezí does not only boast beautiful scenery, an abundance of historical sites and points of interest with a chequered history, but also represents heaven on earth for cyclists. If you are a lover of active relaxation and enjoy seeing new and remarkable things and places, then pay attention, because you have a chance to experience all this thanks to the wide and varied cycleway network of Českomoravské pomezí.

Local cycleways can be divided according to various criteria. There are routes aimed at families with small children as well as very demanding trails for fi t and trained cyclists. Or it is possible to choose the route depending on what type of bike you own. You will fi nd cycleways for trekking, mountain, road, cross or MTB bikes. In past years cycling fans responded very positively to the “By Cyclobus through Českomoravské pomezí” project. This year cyclists can look forward to a nice surprise, which is the extension of the cyclobus route in the direction of Moravská Třebová. The line will lead via Polička, Proseč, Nové Hrady and Litomyšl to Svitavy and from there through Moravská Třebová and Městečko Trnávka as far as Jevíčko.
The cyclobus will run on the same days as last year, i.e. each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June to September. More details about the timetables will be posted on the website and on leafl ets, which will be available in the Information Centres of Českomoravské pomezí, bus stations and obviously also on the actual cyclobuses. And which places in Českomoravské pomezí can you visit on your bike?

„Through Maštal Forests“
By Bike around Českomoravské pomezíIf you aren’t scared by steep hills and long climbs, you should defi nitely set out on a ride through “Maštal Forests”. The route leads through the Toulovcova maštal (Toulovec’s Stable) nature reserve, mostly on rough fi eld and forest paths marked with Toulovcova maštal Microregion cycling symbols. Legend has it that the marauding knight Toulovec used to have a hide-out here, but today you need not fear him.


Which Way to Czech Versailles?
By Bike around Českomoravské pomezí Would you like to combine cycling and history? How about setting off for “Czech Versailles“? This is how people sometimes refer to the Castle in Nové Hrady. In the village of Nové Hrady you can view the Castle, gardens or the Baroque Granary, which houses the fi rst Czech Museum of Cycling.

Through the Region of a Thousand Years of History
By Bike around Českomoravské pomezíThe next of the cycling routes, called “Through the Region of a Thousand Years of History“, connects two important towns of Českomoravské pomezí, namely Svitavy and Litomyšl. On your stop in Svitavy you should defi nitely visit the local museum and gallery. Apart from the unique exposition of clothes washing devices, it also houses a permanent exhibition focusing on the life of Svitavy native Oskar Schindler. Another place worth seeing is the square with probably the second longest arcade in the Czech Republic. If you bike as far as Litomyšl and you are not in a hurry, you can take a tour around the Renaissance Castle, which is on the UNESCO heritage list. But soon it’s back into the saddle, and let’s get those peddles moving…

To Svojanov Castle and Its Fiery Swine
By Bike around Českomoravské pomezí“To Svojanov Castle and Its Fiery Swine” is the name of a cycleway, which leads from Polička as far as Svojanov Castle. Negotiating the undulating and hilly terrain is not easy, but Svojanov and Polička are defi nitely worth it. The town of Polička, a sought-after tourist destination, boasts a well-preserved fortifi cation system and the birthplace of the world-famous composer Bohuslav Martinů. Svojanov off ers various expositions and mainly during the holidays it is the venue of many cultural events.

Amidst the Woods, Meadows and Fields
By Bike around Českomoravské pomezíThose not-so-great-history-lovers could choose the “Amidst the Woods, Meadows and Fields” route, which begins and ends in Litomyšl. It has an easy, gently undulating profi le and with its length of 56 km it ranks among the longer routes. The cycleway leads through villages and settlements near Litomyšl, and on the way you will encounter the Church of the Sacred Cross and Vojnarka Farm in Trstěnice.” Apart from the marked cycleways there are also countless forest and fi eld paths, tracks and trails, so you can just peddle around and admire the surrounding scenery. It is entirely up to you what you choose to do…



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By Bike around Českomoravské pomezí By Bike around Českomoravské pomezí

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