Region of South Bohemia

Welcome to České Budějovice

“Advent at Our Place“  

Before Winter Time will Come to Písek…

The town of Písek in southern Bohemia has prepared for you several interesting events even in this time of late autumn and Advent. More events can be found on or in a...

České Budějovice Everyday – Also In the Autumn

South Bohemian metropolis has in all season something to offer to its visitors, and also in days when sunshine is weaker and days colder. It is right time to visit museums, galeries or...

Smiling Autumn in Písek

Tracing Good Soldier Švejk, or happily to school with Švejk - The Day of Sightseeing Open Doors - Lately reconstructed rooms of Sladovna - Travelling exhibition “ Common...

Beautiful and Hospitable Region

Southern Bohemia is a pictoresque region with numerous cultural and historical pearls, lots of country architecture sightseeings, water areas, woods and forests. We realize how precious and...

Horse Ride Holiday – Summer in the Saddle

Summer holiday is approaching – please accept our invitation to the southern Bohemia. The symbol of the southern Bohemia is water – and this might be a reason why our region is...

Welcome to Šumava, welcome to Vimperk!

A lovely town in the Šumava mountains derives its name from original German Winterberg – a Winter Mountain. Today it is one of the starting points for walks and hiking in...

Písek from High

You can view the town of Písek from two sides. The watch tower Jarník can be found on the hill of Kraví hora east from the town in Písecké hory mountains. It...

Tourpropag 2008 and EUROREGIONpropag 2008

The town of Písek and the agency CzechTourism organize under the auspices of mayor of the Southern Bohemian Region RNDr. Jan Zahradník Tourpropag 2008 12th year of the...

Around Jindřichův Hradec on foot and on bike

Nova domus – this is the name which Jindřich, the oldest son of the Vítkovec family from Prčice, gave to his new castle in the start of the 13th century.  

Sand Festival in Písek

The touristic season will be open at the weekend on May 23 – 25. It will boast the same name as last year “Cipískoviště“ (or Sand-Box of Cipísek, the...

Wandering with the Carp Jakub

The touristic information centre in Vimperk prepares for opening of this year touristic season a wandering for elementary schools children around the town of Vimperk.  

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