Region of South Bohemia

Strakonice – Full of Pipers

On Friday 23 and Saturday 24 April, this South Bohemian town will open its tourist season with the Strakonice Welcoming of Summer. Visitors will also fi nd open doors at the Strakonice Castle...

Jindřichův Hradec

The south Bohemian city of Jindřichův Hradec is a historical and culture centre that originated from the market village in the middle of 13th century.The state owned castle in Jindřichův...

Nové Hrady - Residence Wellness Hotel

Do you like stylish, modern and comfortable accommodation? Are you fond of South Bohemian scenery? Do you like relaxing and being pampered? All this and much more is offered by the Residence...

A Jolly Weekend in Písek

Follow the footsteps of the legendary soldier Švejk from Písek to Putim. Treat yourself, your family or friends to a unique weekend of active relaxation. Experience South...

Tábor Meetings

Every year the cultural summer in Tábor reaches a climax with the Tábor Meetings, an international historical festival. Would you like to meet Jan Žižka in person? How about...

Žižka’s Town in the 21st Century

Thanks to its chequered history, architectural sites as well as its interesting landscape, the town of Tábor is one of the tourist Czechland. This, the second largest South Bohemian by...

Strakonice Castle Cellar

Hradní sklípek (Castle Cellar) is the newly reconstructed stylish restaurant on the courtyard of the Strakonice medieval castle under the Rumpál Tower. It offers a...

České Budějovice – Every Day

LÉTO 2009 - Largest cultural festival in Bohemia. Take a look at the programme:

Welcome to South Bohemia Summer 2009

Come to South Bohemia and enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the spring months and experience uncommon moments of opening the new summer tourist season. The event of the „Welcome to South...

Strakonice Welcomes the Summer

The town of Strakonice was founded on the confl uence of Volyňka and Otava and acquired the attribute – town of bagpipers. It is connected with Tyl’s play, Strakonice Bagpiper, as...

Information Has a New Home

In the middle of last year Jindřichův Hradec Information Centre was opened in new premises. Compared to its previous home, the new premises are larger, more respectable and offer a wider...

The End of the Year in Vimperk

Advent – St. Nicholaus, Christmas or New Year‘s Eve Celebrations – all these you can experience in our town. Welcome to our typical Šumava town.  

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