Region of Ústí nad Labem

Červený hrádek Castle at Jirkov

Just next to Chomutov you can find a town, which is connected with it into one unit, Jirkov. It is known mostly as a starting point for the visit to the Červený hrádek baroque...

Zoopark in Podkrušnohoří Region

All year long you can visit the biggest ZOO in Bohemia – Podkrušnohorský zoopark Chomutov. More than 1000 animals of 190 species are being bred here in an unique...

Welcome to Royal Kadaň

Please accept our invitation to this pictoresque town. Why to come here? Well, you can spend pleasant moments here, and enjoy several interesting events which are prepared for this summer in...

To Live is Forbiden

The book of the same title by Jan Rakytka describes life story of Felix Kolmer from his childhood to the end of the WWII. It is based on his personal memories, so the events, places, people...

Follow the Sun to the North

In summer months, when the temperature is above 30 degrees, almost everybody would like to go to the beach instead of being at work. In Ústí region, there are a lot of...

Summer in Klášterec nad Ohří

The fourth year of a Music Festival Klášterecké hudební prameny with Jaroslav Svěcený will be held on July 4-12 this year. Each night you can enjoy a...

Northwestern Bohemia with a 3K Card

A visitors card, which is a product of the Klášterce nad Ohří and Kadaň tourists development, includes not only touristic destinations in the Chomutovsko and Jirkovsko...


History – Hops – Beer – Atmosphere  

Around Litvínov On a Bike

Welcome to Litvínov in Northern Bohemia. Surrounding slopes will be appreciated not only by bikers for whom this terrain is ideal.  

Ústí nad Labem Open Gate to Bohemia

100 years of the ZOO Ústí nad Labem The countryside of The Chronicle of Narnia 195 years from the Napoleon battle at Chlumec 1813  

Summer Tempting of Louny

The town of Louny welcomes you to the fifth year of the town summer festival called Summer Tempting of Louny – the unique festive occasion for culture and sport events of all age groups,...

Kamencové Jezero Lake and Other Chomutov Sightseeings

The biggest summer magnet for each visitor of Chomutov is definitely a recreational area Kamencové jezero.  

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